Hakan Lidbo
Another big one this week!!! Featuring new tracks from Tom Hall, Qancel, Onsy and way more! So here we go, this is the glitch//idm show!
Back again!!!! This week's show features new tracks from Caterina Barbieri, Franck Vigroux, Daniel Wohl, and always more! So let's do this, glitch//idm.
Here we go again y'all!!! This week's show is featuring tracks from Lucrecia Dalt, Clap! Clap!, Ivy Lab, and always MORE! So let's do this, glitch//idm!!!!!
Here We GO!!! Another awesome show featuring tracks from The Bug, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Belief Defect and always more! So let's get it; the glitch//idm show is on!
Here we go! Get ready for a smooth and jagged mix of some smile-inducing glitchy tracks; featuring Mouse on Mars, Machinedrum, Kyoka and always more more more!!!
Hello to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The show this week is on a lighter, brighter, fun(ner) tip!