July 12. Bring on the tunes. 00:00 Lottie on BTR 00:26 Glyphs-Sic Alps 03:54 Why I Can't Cry Anymore-A Place To Bury Strangers 07:31 Rapture-Wintersleep 11:20 History's Door-Husky 15:06 Summer Dress-A Lull 18:58 Move In The Right Direction (CSS Remix)-Gossip 22:58 Lottie on BTR 23:29 In A Phantom Mood    -Shintaro Sakamoto 27:29 Glass House-Post War Years 31:40 Goodbye Crazy City-Big Harp 36:05 Empire (CREEP Remix)-Alpines 41:05 Gotham-Animal Collective 46:18 Magnolia-Alberta Cross 51:33 Lottie on BTR 53:24 Times    -JJ 55:22 The Orange Grass Special-Beachwood Sparks 57:27 Hello Tender Love-Zeus 62:03 Don't Keep Me Waiting-Hacienda 64:30 Product On-Panoramic & True 67:24 I Swear-Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside 70:25 Lottie on BTR 71:47 Silent Visions-Kontravoid 74:44 Get It-Buffalo Killers 77:52  More Excuses-Bibio 82:16 Bennington-John Maus 85:26 Find It-Dent May 88:44 Spanish Tile-Jeans Wilder 92:02 Lottie on BTR 93:11 Fineshrine-Purity Ring 96:40 Finish A Place to Bury Strangers photo: Scottyspyb Jul 12, 2012 Beco 23-Portalegre, Brazil Jul 16, 2012 The Basement-Columbus,OH Jul 17, 2012 The Empty Bottle-Chicago,IL Sic Alps photo: Vanni Bassetti Sept 9, 2012 El Rey Theatre-Los Angeles,CA Sept 10, 2012 Bar Pink-San Diego,CA Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside photo: Sallie Ford Jul 13, 2012 Les Nuits de la Plein-Payzac,France July 14, 2012 Terres du Son-Fondettes, France
Rock all day, Rock all the damn night.. I don't care! Fight me, loser! I dare you!
July 5. Boom Boom.
It's been unbelievably hot this week in New York. Let's take the summer spirit and put it into the music, which is undeniably fun on today's show. Peaking Lights have a great new album out, plus season-appropriate tracks from Eternal Summer and Cass McCombs. And make sure to check out BTR on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates!
Put on your dancing shoes!