It's quite the throwback set on this week's show... a throwback set the likes of which you may have never heard before. I hope that is OK with you! because for me, it's definitely OK, in fact it's something I like to encourage!
For Winning Week on BTR, we bring you an in-depth conversation with Marcia Rock and Patricia Lee Stotter, the filmmakers behind a new documentary called Service: When Women Come Marching Home. The film explores post-traumatic stress syndrome, military sexual trauma, homelessness, and other issues facing military service women.
00:00 Mic Break 01:36 French Countryside - Psychedelic Horseshit 04:24 Drum Improvisation No. 1 - Baby Dodds 06:53 Station to Station - Pierrot Lunaire 11:39 That Aqua Man - Mean Spirit'd Robots 14:23 I Just Leave - Pink Reason 20:36 Decoder Ring - Lee Noble 26:47 Tezeta - Menelik Wossenatchew 31:23 Mic Break 33:45 Bums on a Rock - The Rebel 37:44 All Day, All Night Long - Unknown 40:03 I Am You - Yung Life 43:41 Frozen Coffin, Floating Soul - Hobo Cubes 46:55 Ice Cream - Cool World 50:55 Bracing - Kevin Greenspon 55:39 Mic Break 57:40 Crux - Guided by Voices 60:04 Finish The Rebel May 06 2012 - Sounds from the Other City - Manchester, UK Kevin Greenspon Apr 04 2012 - RCN Cave - Akron, OH Guided by Voices Jul 13 2012 - Bunbury Music Festival - Cincinnati, OH
00:00 Mic Break 02:57 Enemies - June Brides 05:56 Hall of Shame - Great Plains 07:43 Artist V. Star - Beatnik Filmstars 09:56 King and Caroline - Guided by Voices 11:28 2541 - Grant Hart 16:01 Bristol Girl - V-3 18:45 Didn't Wanna Know - Medication 21:38 Start Again - Folk Implosion 23:52 Indian Winter - Times New Viking 26:20 Mic Break 29:29 I Don't Believe You - The Magnetic Fields 33:04 Transatlantic Telephone Conversation - The Mad Scene 36:27 Better Days - Phil Wilson 39:28 Lost in Dreamland - Orange Cake Mix 46:13 Aw! Glun Snaeha - Pov Vannary 49:51 She Saw - Amps for Christ 52:22 When I'm Out of Town - The 6ths 54:50 Leave It Alone - Popguns 57:31 Mic Break 59:18 Get Out of My Dream - The Clouds 61:48 Finish Beatnik Filmstars Times New Viking Medication
"It's a Rock, and he shows to us-- Rock Show!" - Lenny from Ghostwriter.
"Like getting hit by a semi-truck full of the best music in the world. You die on impact, but you don't even care; you're already in heaven." -- Sir Bernie Taupin on Overnight Sensation.
My guest on the show this week is British artist Christina Corfield. She has a new show opening this month at Johansson Projects in Oakland, CA. The show is called Follies of the Digital Arcade and it focuses on the United States at the turn of the 20th century, a time when the U.S. and much of the Western world were in the midst of an electric revolution. It was the time of dazzling world's fairs, Tesla and Edition, a time when people were fascinated, amazed and terrified by the wonder of electricity. It seemed that there were no problems that could not be solved, mysteries whose answers couldn't be uncovered or explained by the newest technological marvel. In her show, Christina explores this strange time in history through a video installation and watercolor illustrations. The works examine the ways that history and fiction, fact and myth, science and magic can all became intertwined.