90 minutes of music alongside DJ Emily!
It's the new moon. It's also the first Thursday of September. 9/5/13.
This week's hot weird topic is Julianna Barwick. Her new album is very, very good and a little bit strange and a little bit folksy, which makes it perfect for God Bless Weirdmerica. And we, of course, have the show loaded with all your weird favorites, like Black Dice, Eleanor Friedberger, and AnCo. And don't forget to follow BTR on Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest happenings.
The first day of August. 2013.
Happy Fourth of July!
What's the best day of the week? Oh right, it's Saturday. And where's the best place to listen to music? Oh right, that would be BTR. Well you're in luck, because it's the best day of the week on the best station on the Internet, and we've got some great songs coming your way today. Don't forget to follow BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, and Pinterest for all of our latest updates!
The last day of Spring! Helloooooo summer time! Party.
Enjoy the next 90 minutes with DJ Emily !
00:00 DJ Drew Intro 01:27 Summer Rain - The Pastels 06:25 Summer Days - GRMLN 09:44 Brazil - Gold Panda 15:27 LIES - Light Heat 20:46 Leave On The Light - Alex Bleeker & The Freaks 24:18 Sunday's With DJ Drew 25:03 Vacation - SPLASHH 27:59 Lemonade - SPLASHH 30:56 Echo or Encore - Eleanor Friedberger 35:46 Other Boys - Eleanor Freidberger 41:52 Action Time - Femi Kuti 47:33 Na So Wee See Am - Femi Kuti 51:49 Sunday's With DJ Drew 52:39 Bubble Butt Remix (Feat. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mystic) - Major Lazer 56:03 Palmreader - Sonny & The Sunsets 59:10 Shadow Of Your Step - The Mantles 63:01 Glass Cage - TEEN 68:16 Polar Bear - Saturday Looks Good To Me 71:32 What Can I Do? - Scout Niblett 78:00 DJ Drew Outro 79:15 Sun Harmonics - Jon Hopkins 91:10 Finish GRMLN July 21 @ Cafe du Nord San Francisco, CA July 26 @ The Echo Los Angeles, CA July 27 @ Viva! Pomona Pomona, CA SPLASHH Jun 21 @ Best Kept Secret Festival Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands Jun 27 @ Goodgod Sydney, Australia Jun 29 @ Ding Dong Lounge Melbourne, Australia Jul 06 @ Hyde Park London, United Kingdom Jul 18 @ FIB Festival Benicassim, Spain Jul 20 @ The Fly Presents at Lovebox London, United Kingdom Jul 26 @ HIPPODROME DE LA PLAGE Hyeres, France Aug 18 @ Beacons Festival Skipton, United Kingdom Aug 24 @ Reading Festival Reading, United Kingdom Aug 25 @ Leeds Festival Leeds, United Kingdom Saturday Looks Good To Me Sep 26 @ Hunter's Ale House (Midwest Fest) Mount Pleasant, MI Sep 26 @ Pygmalion Music Festival Champaign, IL Sep 27 @ Pygmalion Music Festival Champaign, IL Sep 28 @ Pygmalion Music Festival Champaign, IL
This week on RAR we kick it old school with Billy Shakespeare himself in Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing. Also on today's program we introduce the new segment Tropes N Trends, and check out the trailer for next installment of The Hobbit franchise, The Desolation of Smaug.
Hey... you. Come over here. I got somethin' to tell you... Yeh. A little closer... Closer... OK.
Thursday the 13th of June. Lucky day.
Happy 8th birthday BTR! It's been a great eight years filled with so, so much new music, and it really never stops coming. Stay tuned for great new tracks from Eleanor Friedberger and newcomers SPLASHH and GRMLN.
This week on Sew & Tell, I'm honored to feature an interview with a woman of many talents, Cecilia De Bucourt. She started a modeling career at the tender age of 14 and traveled the world, gracing the pages of top fashion publications like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Elle. At 28, she shifted her focus to behind-the-scenes work, and received a fashion design degree from FIT. While she was still a student, her designs were picked up by Barney's, and she went on to supply top brands like GUESS, Bebe, and Arden B. Cecilia is now focused on developing her eponymous label, which is a favorite of celebs like Heidi Klum, Jessica Simpson, and Paris Hilton. She's also busy creating new photography work, and pursuing her unending passions for dance and design! On today's show, Cecilia will talk about the lessons she learned from working as a model for 14 years, what led her to pursue fashion design, how she gained business savvy before going solo, an upcoming jewelry line, and her pick for favorite iPhone app. Plus, brand new music from the debut album of SoCal's GRMLN, London's Americana folk group Treetop Flyers, the sophomore release from Eleanor Friedberger, and more. So stick around for some serious style on BreakThru Radio!
Hello, June people. Let's party. Here is a sweet mix I made for you.
Today I talk about & play music from Zorch, Jon Hopkins, Eleanor Friedberger and GRMLN
Calexico kicks off today's broadcast of the Folk Wave!
The 17th day of January. 2013.