This is it!!! Last show of 2013, and it's a thick and reflexive show. One to ponder the year past, the experiences past, and to melt that knowledge into future action... So let's get going on this final journey, right here on the Glitch/IDM show/// -ed-
Ok, here we go!!! The show this week isn't really bound to any particular style or sound. Instead it's a collection of feelings all in one place. I think you'll be able to dig it on the level that was (or was not) intended. Either way, It'll be good; promise :) Glitch/DM -ed-
Hello! So this week's show is all about the "I" part of IDM. This is a nerdy, yet still totally radio-friendly, type of show. I think y'all will dig it for sure. Other than that, we got good vibes and deep thoughts as usual. So plan on sticking around for the next hour, it's Glitch / IDM! -ed-