Back in action!!! Welcome back to the new and super improved Glitch/DM show. This week will be more of the awesome and fun love you have grown to adore about us :) so kick back and put your feet up, cause here comes your happy ending!
I really like the show today. and not Just because I'm on it, but because the music is really good! So no real theme, except maybe life and love? Let's come together as one...
Totally rad, other-worldly show this week! OK, so in honor of the awesome and amazing New Zealand, we have put together a huge show of cold, hard beats. This one is going to get super glitchy and technical. So here. we. go.!.
Keeping it real this week. The mood on the show today is going to be on a preparation-tip. This is a good one to go out and get things done to. Finish cleaning, do some pushups, solve that equation... what ever!