Grass Is Green
Gimme Tinnitus has been a great booster of the local NYC/Brooklyn music scene for many years. And now, along with Mirror Universe Tapes, they’ve put together a mixtape featuring a slew of great artists, all to benefit the NYCLU. Among those artists are two that recently stopped by BTR for studio sessions, so we’ll hear from them as well as a lot of other artists playing in the NYC area in the latter part of July and the first days of August.
Today I talk about, read interview excerpts with and play music from recent BTR Tune Up Artist Junk. Plus, an exploration of the Brooklyn based Gravesend Recordings
Dave Sparkz and Wodoo Wulcan. Jon Hopkins. Secret Cities. Sonic Avenues. Grass Is Green. Douglas Dare. Eola. And more...
Burnt Ones. Ava Luna. Millie and Andrea. KILN. Vince Staples. Joey Badass. Lee. These New Puritans. And more...
Today I talk about and play a bevy of new songs from Knxwledge, Grass Is Green, Cruiser, Mr. Carmack, Pearls Negras, Jo Def and Future Punx
This week, Iain gets Jason into another fine mess, by way of an unexpected adventure of epic proportions! Will they get back home safe in time for the peak of the party? Well, you'll just have to stay tooned to find out. Whadaya say? Let's Radio!