Glass Slipper
We're a little obsessed with King Pizza bands and we love to have them in for BTR Live Studio.
Take your honey to a badass show in Brooklyn & you'll have one unforgettable day of love.
Musicians—they mess around on Instagram just as much as the rest of us.
Carlo Minchillo tells us about the Brooklyn Drum Collective, an organization he co-founded with the purpose of building a stronger community local drummers and musicians more generally. We hear music…
We’re looking back at sessions of BTR Live Studio from 2019, so far, that have featured artists from the NYC/Brooklyn area.
Glass Slipper is a garage-punk band from NYC, where garages are actually kind of hard to come by. Less hard to come by is the band’s catchy, fuxxy, scuzzy, fun vibe. They dropped by Serious Business…