Oh my dearies... if you're not excited by this HIGH ENERGY, ROCK AND ROLL set of #1 hit songs from the year 2013... I'm afraid I can't help you. You are going to die.
My dearest fans, and friends... I trust you are in good health. I am writing you this letter to let you know that this week's episode of Overnight Sensation is one of the best ever. It is sooo chock full 'o' hits, you can't even believe it. Hits from the likes of Saralee, Foibles, Viet Cong, Drug Pizza, and man many more! I hope you love it, and I hope your mom is doing OK.
We've jam-crammed this show with as many hits as you could possibly imagine... That is to say, roughly 21! Hope you're ready to ROCK!!
TODAY on OVERNIGHT SENSATION... We got tunes form the likes of DSTVV, Shudder Pulps, Tiny Hearts, Loose Tights, Counter Intuits, and THE SUMP! Plus many many more. This show is your best bet on BTR, you betta believe it!