This week on Book Talk DJ Kory takes you through his highlights from 2011. We will hear some of the best moments, wittiest responses and most entertaining readings from the last 52 episodes of Book Talk.
Your Wednesday starts with DJRePete and brand new electronica crossover from Chairlift, indie alt from The Generationals and Dan Mangan, and rock from the Dum Dum Girls. Tune in for info on the Crossing Borders Music & Literature Festival, and one BTR band opening tonight for the Foo Fighters in Boston. And it’s never too early to plan a New Year’s celebration, and one BTR band’s got their plans set in Austin. Check in with DJRePete on BTR!
This week on Book Talk I discuss the OWS movement and a book about the history and mystery of the Federal Reserve and the banking system in our country, The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin. I then go on to discuss the fall of MF Global and Jon Corzine. I also examine the deep friendship between Johnny Depp and Hunter S. Thompson--a relationship that has given us great books and now a great film, The Rum Diary. Finally, in keeping with the Halloween theme on BTR, I end the show with a reading of The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe.
Welcome to BTR's Roadside Assistance - The Tailgating Mix, presented by Continental Airlines!
A Spooky mix from DJ Wynn featuring Blood Orange, Pepper Rabbit, Painted Palms, Hercules and Love Affair, and Wild Flag
This week BreakThru Radio has been investigating the small screen—how we use it, why we use it, how it is changing the way we share and receive information and data. Reading is a medium that has perhaps changed the most, more than music, gaming, or video. How has reading changed and why do we continue to read when surrounded with so many other options? I take a look at the history of reading and how technology has changed the way we read.
Latola whips up a batch of kale chips for the cooking show. You know, it's a healthy snack!
Let DJRePete and BTR get you through the humpday today! Tune in for info and a preview of BTR artists playing the UK’s Glastonbury Festival and Germany’s Hurricane Festival. Also, check out brand new music from Here We Go Magic, the Generationals, and Mitten. Plus, a few BTR throwbacks from The Apples in Stereo and Beach House. Catch it all in the mix today, your Wednesday edition, of BTR with DJRePete!