This is my 4th super reggaeton mix of how hot it gets in July in NYC. Let's go!! All new joints!! Enjoy your Friday!
We gotcha, some more latin hip-hop for you dome piece aka your brain! LOL. For real, shootout to all the new fans & loyal fans who be hitting me up. Thanking me for all the good music provided by me and BTRtoday. Download our free app at the app store. We hold you personally responsible for absorbing all this great music you can get in the palm of your hand..I know you happy it's Friday again…So let's rock to some tunes and make your day much more better. Enjoy!!
So yeah, um look up,,,,now look down. Yeah I'm down here, down there in Tampa, FL..It's hot. Weather is weird up there in NY, so enjoy. Got my shorts on. We rocking the show via-satellite from Tampa Bay to the rest of the world. I'm down here working as usual. Parties, video shoots & doing radio. It really doesn't stop unless you want it to. So it's Friday. Time for some latin hip-hop. I got yawl. Don't worry. I'm here. I'll be here until Sunday too. Let's go...
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2thousand & Fiftheen!!! Ahh man times fly. I remember just being a little kid jumping on turntables. Now I'm a big kid rocking on turntables still. BTR another great year past. And this year is going to be greater. Thanks to all the likes on our Facebook page, amazing. So this will be my first Latin mix of the new year. Let's go!!!
IT's Friday once again & check it! Los Rakas drops a new joint called "Dem Rakas", plus they got the making of the song on video. So we made it, video of the week. Check the link below. It shows how every artists have their own style of recording. In the house, studio, on the porch (lol), bathroom or even in the car. As long as it sounds good there are no rules to recording. I remember a long time ago me and my partner recorded a song in the living room watching a Trinidad fight on tv. So more new artists in my mix we rock the indy way. Mulata check her joints she's dope. Let's go!!
What's good ya'll? Latin's Friiiiiiiday!!!! Bazarro rocking joints!!