Gary War
For the several years photographer Daniel Cronin attended The Gathering of the Juggalos, an annual festival for die-hard fans of the horrorcore rap group The Insane Clown Posse. In his photographs, Daniel depicts Juggalos of every stripe, likening his approach to that of early 20th century German photographer August Sander who made egalitarian portraits of his countrymen. These photographs have been published in a book by Prestel, and I spoke with Daniel over the phone from Portland about his experiences at Gathering, misconceptions about Juggalo culture and some of his other projects.
Julia Haslett is the director of the documentary An Encounter with Simone Weil. The film tells the story of French Philosopher and activist Simone Weil, who spent her short yet prolific life grappling with a single question: What response does seeing human suffering demand of us? Before making this film Julia had never hear of Simone Weil, but she was familiar with this question. She grew up watching her father struggle with depression, and when Julia was 17 he took his own life. The suicide left her acutely sensitive to people in pain, but it was many years later that Julia read these words that would lead her to make her latest film. This week I speak with Julia Haslett about the life of Simone Weil and how the philosopher inspired this personal documentary.
This week on the show, artist Jason Burch. Jason is known for his videos, photographs and collages that explore the surreal intersections between natural and man-made environments. This week Jason discusses his work and why he likes to set his projects in construction sites and around housing developments in New Jersey.
This week artist Randal Wilcox talks about his self portraits, painting with saliva, and his experimental band Beat Cops. Self-Portrait as a Vigil-Ante (I) Self-Portrait as a War-Lord and a Child-Solider Playlist 00:00 Thomas Intro 01:03 Digging Up the Bones - Beat Cops 03:10 Randal Wilcox Interview pt 1 04:54 Moonshine Sonata - Beat Cops 06:46 Randal Wilcox Interview pt 2 08:34 The Sleep of Reason Breeds Monsters - Beat Cops 11:44 Randal Wilcox Interview pt 3 12:50 Clouds Went That Way  - Gary War 16:19 Randal Wilcox Interview pt 4 17:16 Brushing Past the Consequences - Beat Cops 19:20 Randal Wilcox Interview pt 5 20:41 Train Ride - Beat Cops 23:48 Randal Wilcox Interview pt 6 26:35 Kneel to the Boss - Cabaret Voltaire 30:30 Finish
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