Yeahhhhhh. yeah. Hey guys! We're back this week with a super coooool show/ I know it's getting hot out there so we put together a nice summer vibe for ya. So get ready for some mind melting, face cooling, body moving tunes. Right here on the glitch//idm show!!! $+_ed_+$
The show this week will serve as your audible sun screen. I know you are probably out enjoying what the world holds for you today, so thanks for taking us on the ride. I promise to keep the show on point and as soundtracky to today as possible. Ok let’s get going!
Heyoooo! This week on the Glitch/IDM show we’re feelin’ sun-shiny and new. The show is a little bit all over the place but still pretty cohesive. We’re gonna play a new track from Slugabed that is pretty sick and maybe some other new groovers that we have on deck for ya. So here we go!
Glitch/IDM show makin’ it rain this week. The whole show is dedicated to staying inside, finding things to do and just chillin’. So get super creative! Cause you might need it.
This week on the Glitch/IDM Show we bust out the microphones and get poppy! I have been trying to get a little heavier over the last few weeks. Not really in an agro way, but more of a celebration of life. Kind of like putting a Pantera CD on in your car, getting real pumped up and driving 1000 mph, but way less tuff than that. OK, so here we go.