Back again with another one!!! This week's show features tracks from Bibio, Onra, Burnt Friedman and always more! So stick with us, here on the glitch//idm show!!!
Get ready for your final dose of that Halloween Love with some synthy, IDMy madness. Tracks from Dark Sky, Tobacco, Le Matos and always ridiculously more.///
We have an awesome one for you this week, not only do we have two new tracks from the legend himself, Oval, but also I was able to dig up a Miami classic track that I thought was lost to the IDM gods...
Yes! So feeling it this week/// I've definitely been in more of an IDM mode lately, so this show is all about the melodic old-school synths, and crunchy beats... So stick with it, and drift away to a nostalgic land of wonder. this is the Glitch//IDM show! -*ed*-
Making it happen this week! As we enter into Winter and leave Fall behind, we bring you a nice and warm show to keep to focused and comfy. So grab your favorite flannel pajama pants and make a hot tea... This is the glitch/idm show!
This is a real heart-felt show this week. We get pretty emotional and intense at times, but still keeping that super funtime edge! So let's just get into the sound... Glitch/DM -ed-