Frank N DAnk/Canada
How everybody feeling? Good? yep met too!. Loving the sounds that revolve around the planet. I'm glad i'm one of the soldiers on the front line to bring you great music from around the world. We got Blitz DA Ambassador out of Ghana rocking & rumbling. ON the other side of the world Maestro Fresh-Wes bringing you some jazz vibes. Not the same artists over and over or same awards, blah, blah, blah. Let's go!
What's up music world. Welcome to another dope ride around the world with Bazarro's world hiphop show on BTR. Yes..and we doing it straight out of Tampa via-satellite to the rest of the world. It gets no better than this. 86 degrees in Tampa…Bazarro get's hot on the tables & take u on a trip from Canada to Africa back to Italy back to Haiti. Check it out!!!
What up everybody? First, get that new R&B album by Jean Grae on Then download the free mixtape from Raz Fresco on Boom Merry Thanks Christmas.,,lol. Yeah that's some dope music you can get right now. Holidays are here. I'll be working this Black Friday while ya'll running all over the shopping stores for great deals. Waiting on long lines for the special someone? In the mean time you can be bumping BTR music in ya iphone or ipad. Yeah, i gotta work this Friday, for a good cause though, more Latin hiphop this Friday. Enjoy!!
Well, well, it's November!! I remember it was just January. The years go like that, click! Un-real. Too fast, take one day at a time and it still goes fast. Hope you can digest some good ole hiphop from around the world. Hopefully it'll speed up the day but slow things down at the same time, however that works. Hope u all had a good Halloween weekend. Now let's go!!
What's good ya'll? World HIphop...u DON'T Stop!!!
What's good ya'll? World HIphop...u DON'T Stop!!!