Tim Presley. Hate Week. Chad VanGaalen. The Seshen. Yussef Kamaal. Antibalas. Swarvy. Bueno. Leapling. Low Culture. And more...
This week, we find Jason moonlighting at his other job, selling fruit in the Liza Minellium Dome in Swaffham. Can Happley's Shopping Centre cope with all the excitement? Will Iain keep his cool under high pressure situations? Let us find out. Whadaya say? Let's Radio!
This week, we take a walk on the wilde side, as our camp heroes battle boredom, the bottle, several evil magicians, and your hearts. Will it end up shaping up, and getting fit, in time to reach a dynamic apex, before you, the audience, get bored and run away from your radios (computers) and leap out of the window screaming? Let us find out. Whadaya say? Let's Radio!