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This episode wasn't supposed to be one of our longer record label features, but once you start to dig in to Asthmatic Kitty Records, you can't stop at just 30 minutes... dive in and enjoy music from Sufjan Stevens, Angelo De Augustine, My Brightest Diamond, Helado Negro, and more in this extra-long spotlight! Stick around for the end where we check in on Australian songwriter William Crighton before he comes to town next week for Mondo.NYC (Radio Room info here), and a few sweet new songs from favorites Alvvays, A Giant Dog, Son Little, and Deerhoof to keep things fresh.
On today’s Garbage Garage we’ve got bands playing live in NYC, plus new tracks from new favorites Shannen Moser and Hollow Everdaze!
This is a special edition of The Thursday Mix. All Female Artists!!
It's finally time for the annual Saturday show end of year wrap up! Instead of just doing my favorite songs from the year, I'm doing something a little different. Over the course of three shows I'm going to play all my favorite songs from the year in chronological order of when they were released! That way you can do a mental/musical walk down memory lane of your year. Pretty fun, right? And don't forget to follow BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram!
Only one more week 'till the Rock Show's World-Famous 'Year-In-Review' segments begin... I'm itching with anticipation... Somebody get me my cream, dammit!!
It's Multitasking Week on BTR! On today's show, Screen Rant's Ben Kendrick joins us once again, this time to discuss the "second screen" experience that could be coming to a cinema near you. Plus, TV's Chef Mike Isabella (of "Top Chef" fame) explains his brand of "international culinary diplomacy." And later, Yahoo!'s Eyal Ophir discusses a Stanford study he co-authored on the psychology of multitasking with a late legend of Communications academia.