Flying Lotus)
Happy May! Almost time to put the skis away! Darol Anger, Nickel Creek, Michael Daves: all here, all out on tour! Scroll down through the playlist for more info! Bluegrass festivals start next month, get ready!
Welcome to the Green Mountain Bluegrass Hour this is DJ Moguls, thanks for joining me for this frigid march edition of GMBH. Plenty of great tunes for you this hour. New tracks from Katie Glassman and Smokey Greene with some old favorites from Ralph Stanley and the Del McCoury Band. Glassman, McCoury, The Grascals and Joe Diffie are all out on tour. Scroll down and check the tourdates in the playlist!
Welcome to the Green Mountain Bluegrass Hour. I am DJ Moguls, thanks for joining me for the February 2014 edition of GMBH. You know you are listening to Break Thru Radio. It is "Subscription Week" here at BTR. We're all pondering the worthiness those mailings that always border between advertisements and pure biased opinion. Make sure you check out the Program Guide and our featured articles. For those who subscribe to choicest bluegrass noise, I've got a 100% new line up of greats to gods to get you through the next hour. I Draw Slow is releasing a new album this month and I have two tracks already so sneak a peek. They're on tour now and so are some other greats like Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers and Tom Mindte of the Patuxent Partners. I've also got 2 from the legendary bluegrass god Ralph Stanley with his son Ralph Stanley Jr. We'll start right there with the Stanley Family.
Welcome to this snowy December Edition of the Green Mountain Bluegrass Hour. I am DJ Moguls and I got a great mix of many of my favorite songs here to warm you up. Two from Vermont's own Woodchuck's Revenge. Grant Gordy, Joe Walsh and the Grascals are out on tour. Great learning opportunity in Ithaca NY with Grant Gordy & Joe Walsh. Check them out at the Winter Village Camp in Ithaca, NY with Darol Anger and Tony Trischka. I'll start things off with a new favorite of mine, written and performed by Joe Walsh and Grant Gordy: A Stranger in Town.
Thanks for joining me for this cold November episode of the Green Mountain Bluegrass Hour. I'm DJ Moguls welcoming you to a mix especially designed for getting you up to the ski hill or relaxing after thanksgiving feasts. Plenty of amazing shows to get out to. Joe Walsh is playing tonight with Darol Anger, Karl Doty and Grant Gordy in Richmond, VT. I'm really looking forward to it and would encourage everyone to join! If you can't make it, they're making two more stops in New England in Portland, ME and Cambridge, MA. Enjoy!
Hello and welcome to the “it's now ski season edition” of the Green Mountain Bluegrass Hour. As you might know by now Killington ran its lifts on Thursday to make it the first East Coast mountain to open for the umpteenth time in a row. October 27th and I've already gotten two days of skiing in. Here is a mix for you especially engineered for tuning your skis.