Flowers De Moon
Happy holidays, my babies. I'm off from work 'till next year so I hope you like this playlist. I've sprinkled in a few holiday treats to get you guys in the holiday spirit. Enjoy! And tune the heck in…
This week we've got some new songs by some badass bands like Thick, Speedy Ortiz & The Muckers—you gotta tune-in!
Happy Birthday, Dad!
Halfway through 2017, we take a break from the record label features and catch up with some of the past few month's new releases for this episode of the show.
This week we take a look at the Portland, OR-based record label, Ten Dollar Recording Co!
Tune in to the Listening Booth for R&B zen w/D∆WN + a trio of tracks from the BTR Live Studio + new alt w/The Duke of Surl & punk w/Priest!