Oh yesssss! So here we go, another year for the books and another new future to aim for. I decided that rather than pump up the jams and get you all hyped for 2013, I would just bring it down a few notches and put out a nice, pleasant show. Hopefully you can put this on while your sewing up your party suit. Have fun, and be safe!
The show this week is hard as hell. Well, half of it is anyways, so that should be good enough for the heads! Ok, enjoy. and kaboom! Glitch/DM
Really cool show this week! So over the last week I have been doing some heavy digging, and was able to find a few new artists to add to the Glitch/DM repertoire. This should open up things nicely over here (and in your ears). Because of that, the show is a little bonkers this time. One minute you will be chunkin' and funkin' and the next you will be soothin' groovin'. Let's do this!
The show this week is for the middle-brained people, with too much time on their hands, too much freedom to acheive, and too much sound to embrace. This is the kind of show that lends well to doing, as opposed to stagnation. So come on in; it's nice and warm...