DJ Wynn attempts to ignore the east coast snow storm by warming up with tropical numbers by Calixto Ochoa, Angel Vasquez, Doctor Nico, and Shugo Tokumaru.
Turn on the Worldwide Hour for a musical voyage around the globe. Hear tracks from Debo Band, William Onyeabor, Shugo Tokumaru, and Femi Kuti.
Hop on the Worldwide Hour to hear the relaxing Soukous stylings of Docteur Nico, the magical accordion of Angel Vasquez, and the West African funk of El Rego.
Hop on board the Worldwide Hour and listen to new music from Argentinian artist Juana Molina, and classic songs from Alfredo Gutierrez, Franco, and Justo Betancourt.
DJ Wynn celebrates The Gipsy King’s 25th anniversary, then spins new music from Femi Kuti and crackly favorites from Cheo Feliciano and Justo Betancourt.
DJ Wynn experiences depression after having to move again in NY, but feels better after sharing music from The Lijadu Sisters, Femi Kuti, La Sonora Cordobesa and Le Seigneur Rochereau.
DJ Wynn shares his favorite spot to discover world music in NY, and spins new music from Femi Kuti, Skip and Die, and Baloji.
Put on your dancing shoes and let’s celebrate BTR’s Birthday!
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00:00 DJ Drew Intro 01:27 Summer Rain – The Pastels 06:25 Summer Days – GRMLN 09:44 Brazil – Gold Panda 15:27 LIES – Light Heat 20:46 Leave On The Light – Alex Bleeker & The Freaks 24:18 Sunday’s With DJ Drew 25:03 Vacation – SPLASHH 27:59 Lemonade – SPLASHH 30:56 Echo or Encore – Eleanor Friedberger 35:46 Other Boys – Eleanor Freidberger 41:52 Action Time – Femi Kuti 47:33 Na So Wee See Am – Femi Kuti 51:49 Sunday’s With DJ Drew 52:39 Bubble Butt Remix (Feat. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mystic) – Major Lazer 56:03 Palmreader – Sonny & The Sunsets 59:10 Shadow Of Your Step – The Mantles 63:01 Glass Cage – TEEN 68:16 Polar Bear – Saturday Looks Good To Me 71:32 What Can I Do? – Scout Niblett 78:00 DJ Drew Outro 79:15 Sun Harmonics – Jon Hopkins 91:10 Finish GRMLN July 21 @ Cafe du Nord San Francisco, CA July 26 @ The Echo Los Angeles, CA July 27 @ Viva! Pomona Pomona, CA SPLASHH Jun 21 @ Best Kept Secret Festival Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands Jun 27 @ Goodgod Sydney, Australia Jun 29 @ Ding Dong Lounge Melbourne, Australia Jul 06 @ Hyde Park London, United Kingdom Jul 18 @ FIB Festival Benicassim, Spain Jul 20 @ The Fly Presents at Lovebox London, United Kingdom Jul 26 @ HIPPODROME DE LA PLAGE Hyeres, France Aug 18 @ Beacons Festival Skipton, United Kingdom Aug 24 @ Reading Festival Reading, United Kingdom Aug 25 @ Leeds Festival Leeds, United Kingdom Saturday Looks Good To Me Sep 26 @ Hunter’s Ale House (Midwest Fest) Mount Pleasant, MI Sep 26 @ Pygmalion Music Festival Champaign, IL Sep 27 @ Pygmalion Music Festival Champaign, IL Sep 28 @ Pygmalion Music Festival Champaign, IL
Hey… you. Come over here. I got somethin’ to tell you… Yeh. A little closer… Closer… OK.
Happy 8th birthday BTR! It’s been a great eight years filled with so, so much new music, and it really never stops coming. Stay tuned for great new tracks from Eleanor Friedberger and newcomers SPLASHH and GRMLN.
Hello, June people. Let’s party. Here is a sweet mix I made for you.