DJ Wynn goes from E- H in his world music library. This mix features music from Elis, Regina, Fela Kuti, Gal Costa, and Helado Negro.
Today I play music from reigning BTR Tune Up artist Abdu Ali. Plus music from Amara Toure, John Talabot, Fela Kuti and more.
Main Attrakionz. Amara Toure. TheeSatisfaction. Washed Out. Fela Kuti. Levek. Mark Ernestus. Geotic. Jon Hopkins. And more…
Hop on the Worldwide Hour and hear tracks from Taraf de Haidouks, Lila Downs, and The Very Best.
This week, Jason & Gemma have a whale of a time, talking about whales, and various other animals. They also do the Accent Challenge, with patchy results.. Oh, and they play you some of the toppermost sounds around.
Knxwledge. Nicholas Nicholas. Ava Luna. Braids. Tony Touch. Sunz of Man. Celestial Shore. Pional. John Talabot. R.L. Kelly. Fela Kuti. And more…
This episode of the Worldwide Hour features music from William Onyeabor, Tony Allen, Femi Kuti, and Seun Kuti.
Wow! There’s so much jam packed into this week’s show, that it’s all leaking out of the edges. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to lick it up! Mmmmmmmm… Deeeelovely! We’ve got Tony Fox, who as far as we know, isn’t a real fox. We’ve got Lucky Brown, who isn’t even very brown, apart from in the summer. And we have more stuff too.