Traditions are a great thing to have, especially holiday traditions. But, sometimes you need to add your little part to the ongoing tradition in order to write your part of the story. Although we love to wax poetic about our favorite Thanksgiving traditions, we thought it would be a bold move to discuss what we intend to bring to the table this year, that maybe our grandmothers would probably frown upon, but that fifty years from now, some spoiled brat descendent of ours will be totally eating seconds of our dish, when others didn't even get a first serving because the kid is a total jerk, and because the dish is that good.
Sometimes you’ve just got to get away, and DJ Hanabi and Insane Dane are no strangers to the call to wander. The holidays make a great time to take a holiday. Insane Dane will be reporting from Florida while visiting family. Hanabi will also be visiting family in Mexico. Of course outdoing both of them, Hanabi is taking his dad to Lichtenstein to visit the town where his grandparents came from. Also, Hanabi’s grandfather’s name is Franz Ferdinand, named after the band of course. Also Check out a great article from BTR concerning food safety and getting trans-fats the hell out, by Tanya Silverman.
As you know, DJ Hanabi is always ready to tackle the tough issues. This week is no different. We decided to address the issue of food diversity as relates to our food choices. In cities such as New York and San Francisco that have new restaurants opening all the time it can be difficult to try them all and yet still make time for the favorite haunts.
Impending death was the inspiration for the new album by Typhoon, which has been filling up DJ Wynn's ears of late. He'll share the story of lead singer Kyle Morton, as well as new music from Dent May, Deer Tick, Dodos, and Califone.