What's going on everyone!!! Are you all ready for this week? In work! In wisdom! In life! That's ok, me neither... But today's show is just the swift little ass-kick that will get you going :) So find a nice warm spot to rest your butt for a bit and let's do this~~~ ]glitch//idm[ -:ed:-
Chillin' way the hell out this week~
Hey Everyone! This week's show is pretty tight/ I got the sun blasting out my eyes and the heat lighting up my life... so let's get it in>>> glitch.idm |||ed_-----
Chillin' way the hell out this week~ I was feeling one of those moods like when you want to lounge around, maybe drink some tea and stare off into space... So with that in mind, we give you this edition of the glitch.idm show! enjoy. ~ed^`