This week, we start the show off with a load of animals. Herd of animals? "Of course we have!" I hear you cry. The animals in question are courtesy of Venazualan early 70s group "Spiteri". We also have more from the new Brian Auger comp, and more from the debut LP by The Sorcerers.
Wow! This week's show comes at you live from New Yoik City, as our intrepid pair are there on Holiday. What mischief will they get up to? What adventures will they relay to us in stereo on the airwaves?
Wow! What a cracking show we've prepared for you today. It's a "UK Counties Special", apparently.. It's been a long time coming, and the good Doctor and his trusty steed The Jayman don't disappoint, themselves. More from The Story Of Lenis Guess, the new Calbata & Mixmonster 12", some vintage Lee Fields, and much more.