Etta James
Wow! It’s gonna be another amazing show today. I can just tell.. And I really mean it this time! We’ve got some new blazers, a sound machine, the king of the pond, and some grits. Sounds good, right? Oh boy! I can’t wait! Can you?
Wow! It’s gonna be another amazing show today. I’ve done the dishes, and all of my other chores, and I’ve put the cat out. We don’t even have a cat, so it was for the best. I’ve rounded up a team of great songs, including a few favourite artists of mine, like Ray Camacho for example.
Wow! It’s gonna be an amazing show today. “How can you be so sure Mr Jason?” I hear you ask. Well, I can be so sure, because, today we welcome back Dr Patel, my erstwhile co-host, with a welcome arm or two! And BOY do we have some crackin’ music with which to celebrate!