It’s a banner day here on God Bless Weirdmerica. New Panda Bear. New Deerhoof. New Mark McGuire. AND brand new up and coming artists as well, like Elisa Amborgio. It’s definitely a good one today, and you’ll want to stay tuned for the whole weird hour. Plus, don’t forget to check out BTR on all our social media sites, especially tumblr, where we have a ton of cool new content for you to check out all day long!
Eatopia With DJ Hanabi! Aperol Me Bro Edition!
Since it’s photo week we thought we should shed some light on some top notch food photography. is a personal favorite. They even call themselves a visual potluck. Offline DJ Hanabi said it was like Pinterest for food. Great observation, and it would have been even more impactful had he said it during the show! We also discussed my newest food shopping obsession, Instacart. Seriously, it’s awesome.
We finally got to interview chef Brian Kimball, the founder of San Francisco’s Magic Curry Kart. Brian has been a huge influence on the San Francisco street food scene. His makeshift bike/kitchen was a staple of the early street food scent and could be seen throughout the city streets serving up delicious, traditional style Thai curries. We sat down with Brian to discuss where the idea came from and where it’s going.
Today is the day that Brazil gets to either redeem themselves somewhat or embarrass themselves further in the World Cup third place game, but the big show is really tomorrow with Germany and Argentina.  Everyone knows though that a summer July Saturday is a party waiting to happen, so even though the third place game is today, we’re treating this like it’s going to be the best summer Saturday of all time here on BTR.  We’ve got your breezy summer soundtrack.  With bands like Beverly and Mark McGuire, you can just sit back with a gin and tonic in hand and watch the Netherlands do what they will with Brazil.  And as always, make sure to check out BTR on social media!
It’s our first July Wednesday here on God Bless Weirdmerica. July 4th has passed and we’re full-on in the prime of the summer. Time to eat a lot of stone fruit, drink a lot of refreshing cocktails, and bliss out to some super weird music. We’ve got that last part covered for you today on BTR, with new tracks from Anand Wilder of God Bless Weirdmerica favorites, Yesayer, Emby Alexander, and Black Bananas. And don’t forget to check out BTR on social media!
Hmmmmm, so many possible interpretations of “break through” to be applied here. Where to begin? For starters we thought we’d highlight someone who broke through the norm, in our opinion at least, and brought something new to the tried and true. In this case it was chocolate chip cookies. Insane Dane and Hanabi also have some very localized opinions on breaking through, and breaking the mold.
Hanabi has just returned from his ancestral home in Austria where an epic five country father and son spree was had. Hanabi and Hanabi Sr. experienced all the eats that Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany and France could heave at them. From plate-sized Schnitzels to currywusrt to wild boar steaks this trip had it all!