Playing some of the best albums, artists and tracks from 2019
Manny Nomikos chats with J about his first two singles -- “August Shadows” and “Will We Get Married” -- from his new solo project, Ilithios. Also, J and Bryan listen to new singles from Hana Vu, Chartreuse, and Ellis, and a song off of Vandana’s new sampler.
Electronica via INNA, Beatsole, MERCER, Alan Fitzpatrick, Chakra! Cool down from your extended workout w/ Adam Avant, Avicii, Aloe Blacc!
Today's show starts off with a new single from JDR and The Broadcast. The track "Rave On" is from their forthcoming EP, Cinnamon. There's a BTR Top 10 remix in the mix as well. Lots of the best new music out there on the show today.
AA Bondy, Pile, Sego, Diane Coffee and more on the Jaunt!
The Tryst is packed full of new indie music today. The show starts off with Ruby Boots and Indianola's new single and ends with a BTR Top 10 remix. In between, you'll probably here some music from Partner and EB The Younger, both artists DJ Emily can't get enough of right now.