For our final episode of the year, we present twenty songs by NYC-based artists who had new music out in 2017. We wholeheartedly recommend you support these artists by buying as many of these as you…
This episode essentially functions as something of an itinerary for this year’s Northside Festival, offering suggestions of artists you can see each night at various venues around town if you’re into some major show-hopping to see and hear as much music as you can.
This episode covers January 26 through February 8, 2017 and features an interview with Elizabeth Devlin. Elizabeth has a new album called Orchid Mantis coming out soon, so we discussed her musical history in NYC; how her poetry and visual art practice informs her music; her preferred instrument, the autoharp; and details about her album release party. Also in the episode is music by Sun Voyager, Holy Tunics, Jesse R. Berlin, Cloud Nothings, and Computer Magic.
Ahead of the release of her new album, Brooklyn songwriter/autoharp enthusiast/artist Elizabeth Devlin returns for her third episode of BTR Hear + There. Joined by cellist-about-town Emily Hope Price (who you may recognize from the recently-departed band Pearl and the Beard), Devlin set up shop at the Cypress Hills Taxidermy Studio in Queens among the deer, bear, and a whole jungle worth of animals for a very intimate performance of one of her new songs. Orchid Mantis by Elizabeth Devlin will be released February 8, 2017.