Electric Waves
Hey! Do you like LO-FI?! Well, now's your chance to hear some of the top talents going in that very audio quality... Sometimes Always, Lab Coast, Yuna, and so many more... So much to look forward to!
Wow. What a great episode... I can't even believe it! We start off with some good band-based music from bands like Red Red Kroovy (Melbourne), Static Rituals (Toledo), and Electric Waves (Guelph). And then (and this is where it gets crazy), we move on to some good solo-based music from solo artists like Icebeing (UK), Caffeine Drip (NY/NJ), and Fred Thomas (Ypsi). I seriously... I can't. It's too good.
Overnight Sensation is easily the greatest show on BTRtoday. It can't be beat, and this week's episode is a great example why. BRAND NEW HITS from Electric Waves, Fracaso Hippie, Charlotte Crow, Fox Academy, and so many more! It's a veritable FEAST of bedroom pop experimentalism, outsider/loner rock, and hometaper freak genius... You're welcome!