El Da Sensei
Today features music from Wize Crack & Byrd Land, Josiah The Gift, Sum-01 and more.
Today’s show features music from ELLI$ & Stan Green, Danny Brown, Rah Deluxe and more.
Today’s show features music from Liv East, Stalley, Villa G, Mike Dunn and more.
Today features music from Danny Brown, Ruste Juxx, Thorough x Illa Ghee, Planet Asia and more.
The other night, me and my son were watching all these end of the world scenarios on youtube. I don’t know why? But I feel the end of the world is no where in sight. We’ve survived so many things, so why now? Anyway, we rock for the world. We gather artists from around the world, and bring you great mixes. World Hip-Hop. We support great music no matter where it’s from. Listen for yourself. You tell me.
Today features music from Kool Taj The Great, J57, Bumpy Knuckles and more.