Egon Fisk
Got on a roll this week! Have you ever had moments of clarity where your path is completely illuminated? The track selection on this one is pretty ridiculous! So enjoy/// glitch.idm 00ooedoo00
This week's show is going to sound like melting digital glitchy tarantulas... If you never experienced that before, stick around! Also, some new stuff from Autechre and Jamie Lidell!!! so let's go/// Glitch/DM -ed-
The show is actually better than I planned this week! Not that I planned on it being bad or anything, but I was just collection tracks kind of at random, but it is all seeming to work out perfectly. So take the emotional plunge with us and feel the grit. Ok, do it. Glitch/DM...
Welcome back to Glitch/DM this week. This one has some moods going on, all of which are heavy and full of wonder. So fire up the grill and pump up the volume.
Hello y’all. Get ready for a warm, loving, nestling version of the Glitch/IDM show. This week we dive deep into our maternal needs and longings. So if you’re a momma’s boy or a daddy’s little girl, this show’s for you! So love it and let it love you.