It's Child Week on BTR! In our mile-a-minute, media-saturated culture, how can kids learn to think critically about the media and news? We examine media integration in K-12 curriculums with David Cooper Moore, Program Director for Powerful Voices for Kids, as well as a look into IndyKids, a progressive newspaper written for kids by kids. Later in the program, is China's one child per family policy to blame for their dwindling youth population? And how will our chief economic rivals address a predicted mass exodus of their labor force into retirement? BTR's Timothy Dillon asks sociologist and Bowdoin College professor, Nancy Riley these questions and more.
This week on Third Eye Weekly, 27-year-old CEO of the Marketing Zen Group, Shama Kabani, discusses the role of storytelling in social media marketing strategy and offers hope to recent graduates with an entrepreneurial spirit. Creator of "revenge porn" website,, Hunter Moore, reflects on the rise and fall of the controversial site and how the entrepreneurs of tomorrow can learn from his story.