Ed Sheeran
Yes indeed, I'm back home. Back from the motherland, they call Africa. Every day in South Africa was just beautiful. Glad to be back home also -- Now let's get into the music.
We can be right there with you while you bop your head, cooking in the kitchen or rushing to the Black Friday madness.
Electronica via INNA, GODAMN, Merk & Kremont, Jay Hardway & more! Cool down from your extended workout w/ Ben Bohmer & Compuphonic!
Electronica via INNA, Datsik, Flux Pavilion, Antonia, Craft Integrated, Max Meyer & more! Cool down from your extended workout with Blue Mora, Nix K & Gytiaz!
All I'm saying is, I LOVE you! I don't think there's any point me hiding it any longer, as I can tell that you already know. And I think you feel the same. One bark for "yes", and two for "no". Good doggy! Can we kick it? Let's Radio and see!
Well, we're recovering from the high of having Johnson in the studio with us for yesterday's UK College show, so apologies if Ian and I don't live up to the dizzy heights achieved effortlessly on that show.. Today's PB comes to you from Old School Studios, Studio C. Same great quality. Same great taste. Same great big idiots.. Whadaya say? Let's Radio!