East Drive
Today’s The Jazz Hole features tracks from Jason Yeager & Jason Anick’s new album “United”, music by Antonio Figura and much more
Today’s Jazz Hole with Linus includes music from a brand new release by The Core Trio and much more.
BTR The Jazz Hole Live with Eastern European Jazz by the band East Drive recorded live in Cologne, Germany. Vitaliy Zolotov, Philipp Bardenberg, Bodek Janke and special guest Vadim Neselovskyi.
Today’s hour of jazz features tight bands including the Hardcoretet, East Drive and NOW VS NOW.
Indie sounds by Joe Hertenstein, Daniel Ori, East Drive, Gabriele Donati and of course star artists such as Javon Jackson featuring the legendary Les McCann. All this and more on today’s Jazz Hole with Linus.