Virginia Beach and Norfolk, Virginia – based artists are featured on the July edition of Spotlight on the City.
This week is FOMO week. I had to Google it. It means fear of missing out. There reason I didn’t know what FOMO meant is because Hanabi is on top of his game. Hanabi never misses out, especially when he’s in three places at once. With that said, Hanabi visited Home Remedy, which is a very sleek little market and deli near downtown Seattle. They feature some really cool little rice bowls, pizzas and sushi take away items all freshly made in house. Like I said, it’s sleek, and Hanabi seems to like it. So, don’t miss out on Home Remedy. Also, not to ever be missed out on is coffee. I would hate my life without coffee. Not because it wakes me up, but because it tastes delicious and keeps the headaches away. Since I cant’ ever be without my coffee, and since the only place to get coffee at 2am seems to be bad convenience stores I must have a home brewing system. I’m not a fan of giant coffee pots that just sit around and get lukewarm. Rather, I like all the single brew gadgets, so I thought I’d give a little review of three of the big names in single brew systems on the market, namely Nespresso, Kuerig and Tassimo. Lastly, Insane Dane gives out all the FOMO dirt on coffee spots on Dish + Drink.
On this week’s edition we strayed away from the delicious and delved into the disgusting, if only briefly. We read about a vegan restaurant in Canberra Australia that was infested with a certain, common yet vile pest. The details will make you less hungry for the delicious Senegalese avocado, mango salad that we give a recipe for. Okay, actually that salad is too delicious not to enjoy. Insane Dane gets all thoughtful by asking how “green” is vegetarianism? But, more importantly he made a fried chicken sandwich! Also, Hanabi read a sweet Lucky Peach article about identifying Dim-Sum. Brilliant!