Awwwwww Yeahhhh! This week’s show features tracks from Bit Meddler, E.O.G., Bola and always more! So come on out and let’s get weird on the glitch//idm show!!!
Turn up your laptop and get weird with us this week, as we explore the world of modular synthesis and glitched-out love tones. New tracks from Datach’i, Mouse on Mars, Errorsmith, and a whole lot more…
This week marks the beginning of a new month, and in honor of the future unknown we are dropping a mystery show! (I just made this up so go along with it…) In an extremely sleepy and mind-melting state I decided to prepare for today and now have no idea what tracks were picked. So we are just going to play them in the order they were selected and see what happens! OK, here we go/// glitch.idm )))))ed(((((
Really cool show this week! So over the last week I have been doing some heavy digging, and was able to find a few new artists to add to the Glitch/DM repertoire. This should open up things nicely over here (and in your ears). Because of that, the show is a little bonkers this time. One minute you will be chunkin’ and funkin’ and the next you will be soothin’ groovin’. Let’s do this!
The show will be awesome this week. I promise. We even enlisted the help of our good friend, the computer voice, so you guys can feel like you were transported into the 1990s. So kick back, and relax, this is going to be a super IDMy show. just for you!