Dustin Lovelis
Destroyer, a band formed in  Vancouver, British Columbia in 1995, released their 12th studio album, Have We Met, this past January . I’ll be playing one of my favorite tunes from that release today on the show. Plus, new music from Purr, Mount Sharp, Cuesta Loeb, Country Westerns, Bee Appleseed and more! Stay tuned.
Long Beach, California based artists are featured on the February edition of Spotlight on the City.
You saw them here first. So why not see them here again.
Nothing like a little garage-y psych rock to play along to a twist ending.
Today, I’ll be playing the first track off of some of the best albums from the past few months.
We’re past Monday, time to really get this week going. Two hours of music should do the trick this Tuesday. All sorts of fantastic indie tunes in the mix, including new Avey Tare and Dent May!