DJ Hanabi is going places this year. Stops planned include Sweden and South Africa. We also discussed a crazy pop-up restaurant project in Copenhagen called Spisehuset Rub & Stub where they’re trying to cut down on food waste by serving less than perfect food that otherwise wouldn’t make it to a market shelf. We also get into Chop Bars in Ghana for good measure. Don’t forget to check out Dish + Drink with Insane Dane!
Since it’s photo week we thought we should shed some light on some top notch food photography. is a personal favorite. They even call themselves a visual potluck. Offline DJ Hanabi said it was like Pinterest for food. Great observation, and it would have been even more impactful had he said it during the show! We also discussed my newest food shopping obsession, Instacart. Seriously, it’s awesome.
Hanabi up and did it. He moved to Seattle, and he did it all for Eatopia to help expand our horizons. I love Seattle and so should you. If you’re in town, now you have a place to stay. Also on the show Hanabi may have mentioned he enjoys dining at Walrus and the Carpenter. While it may be good, he meant to say How to Cook a Wolf which is a totally different restaurant that doesn’t serve wolf. But they may serve Wolves.
Is Danny Bowien really serving fried Skate tacos at his new Mission Cantina in New York? Yes. He totally is. Cheers to him for helping the people of New York get a taste of some good old fashioned Mexican cuisine, from California. 

We also heard from Sabina, Joe Nolan and Deniro Farrar and Sabina