Downtown Boys
This is the very last episode of the Music Digest that will feature the vocal talents of now-ex-hosts DJ Patrick K and Matt Your Other Host... End of an era, or end of an error? You be the judge! Ha Ha! Actually, fear not because you'll be in very good, strong, and capable hands under the guidance of now-current-hosts Jeremiah and Brian! Go on, git! They're your new family now! Bye byeeeee!!   La La La (remix) HOOPS   White Isles White Isles   Flood Network Katie Dey
On this week's episode, we check out tracks from Cat Soup, Gun Outfit, The World, Downtown Boys, Love Spread, and Pony Time!
Curtis Harding. Downtown Boys. Stanley Ipkuss. Royal Trux. Brend. Pet Cemetery. Bad Cs. Sharon Van Etten. Flesh Wounds. And more...