On this episode, Bryan and J listen to some of the newest music of the new year, now that there is finally more new music in the new year to listen to. They also contemplate the idea of forming a new comedy band and Bryan is afraid of the TV at the office.
Dear listeners, this is our final episode. I've compiled a few of my favorite feminist episodes to round out my run as host of Biology of the Blog and in light of the Women's Marches. Listen to Haylin Belay talk about her witchcraft newsletter, My Feminism Involves Witchcraft, and Katrina Day talk about sexism in the acting community with Lady Parts. Follow me next week as I begin a podcast version of my column, Juicy Bits.    
We've got songs from albums that aren't even out yet! So get ready for your mind to be blown by some rock, punk, garage, indie, snyth, everything. We know you'll love it!