Dokkerman & The Turkeying Fellaz
This week, Jason has more songs than the Eurovision Song Contest, minus a bunch of songs. There genuinely is a fantastic variety of styles in today's show though, even if it doesn't quite live up to Eurovision's sheer entertainment value. We definitely make up for that in quality. One of the best shows we've ever done. Yes.
This week, Jason has a summery show of the highest quality. I know we say some similarly bold claim every week, but this time we really do mean it. And don't forget, Gemma & Jason's band Rope Store will be playing at their Seal Of Approval night at The Playhouse Bar in Norwich, UK on Wednesday 10th June, along with superb DJ sets from Jason and Mauro Berini.
This week, Jason & Gemma have a special guest animal, live in the studio. Also, new tracks, old tracks, even older tracks, and some chat that just can't be scripted. What would be the point?
This week, Jason & Gemma have a whale of a time, talking about whales, and various other animals. They also do the Accent Challenge, with patchy results.. Oh, and they play you some of the toppermost sounds around.
It's the Seal Of Approval Christmas Eve Special!!! I made an executive decision not to fill the show with cheesy Christmas songs, as my guess is that everyone else in the radio world is doing exactly that. But I can promise fantastic songs, and featured label that are local. Oh boy! I can't wait! Can you? How will it all turn out???
On this week's show Jason and the good doctor will again be celebrating the 10th Birthday of Record Kicks, an amazing record label that never seem to put out a less-than-sterling record. As well as that, they'll be playing some Soul, Funk, Reggae, Dub, Afrobeat, and some modern Soul-Pop for your delectation. Can we kick it? Let's Radio And See!