We've decided. We're gonna get a really good scientist on the payroll, so he/she can invent cool stuff for us, on a regular basis, and we can rake in the dough. Do you think that's a good idea? One beep for yes, two beeps for double yes! Can we kick it? Let's Radio and see!
SOOOOOO much music on todays show and it's all brilliant. Some old, some new, but mostly all new for you!! Listen in, all the way though. It's the UK COLLEGE MUSIC SHOW!!
This week we have more from our new album of the month - Pimp your state of mind by Alan Southgate, some new tracks from Chimes and Bells and Faster than Robots and some classic tracks from La Shark and Bearsuit! Come on...
Hello, we have some great music on this week's show. It's difficult to decide but, I think the last song is probably my favourite. Which one is yours? I suppose you had better listen to all of them to make your mind up... Well, what are you waiting for..?
This week we come to the end of our classic album of the month, which was Kaito's 'You've seen us, you must have seen us...' but never fear, for we have a brand new (and as yet, unreleased) album of the month from Alan Southgate and will be featuring a couple of tracks from that in the show. As well as that there is a boat load of fine music from some great unsigned acts. Come on...
Hello and welcome to the UK College Music Show. This week, as usual, you will hear some of the finest UK College related music that I could get my hands on this week... theres plenty of stuff that you won't have heard before from acts that you may have heard of before. Plus! this week there's more comedy from Mike and Bacon. What d'ya say?