Dj Krush ft. N'Dea Davenport/Japan
What's up everybody, hope all is well. Shoutout to everybody who came out to the BTR CMJ party last Friday. Good times, as we continue to celebrate our 9 year anniversary of BreakThru Radio. This week on my world hip hop mix, I got some new Jean Grae, she's on another level. It was good to see her and have a drink with her a few weeks ago in Atlanta at the A3C festival. Check out some of her new music on bandcamp. Also check out Drop D. who connected with me on a recent mixture i dropped called the "PUrge 2" by the Dysfunkshunal Familee. You can download the free mixtape on Audiomack .com. Enjoy the mix..we worldwideeeee!!!
What's up everybody? Another new mix, another Sunday. World hiphop, yes we got joints. Immortal Technique teams up with Ill Bill, that's a ill combo right there, lot's of energy. Also the upcoming artists Drop Di from Israel, her flow is just un-predictable & witty. I scoured the planet for artists from , Brazil, China & Italy. Check out the mix and spread the word!! Let's go!