Dizzee Rascal/UK
Let's go! Let's rock! World Hip Hop here and it won't stop. New mix. Dope joints. Spread the word about the world your friends might be missing out on. Get out that same ole box , same ole music. Think big and huge like the globe. I bring you my world hip hop show right here on Get it. Ok enjoy!!! Boom.
WooooWeee!! I mean, your going to love this mix. Get ready. Clean out your ears. I got some more great music for you. We landing in South Korea, Austria and more exotic places today. Fasten your seat belt and prepare for a non-stop blast of world hip-hop. Download the new BTRtoday app at the app store. It's free too!! Come on let's go!!
These artists sometimes have to work twice as hard to get heard because there from some place else. So here at BTRtoday we have provided a lane to support these world hip-hop artists to get heard. We think way outside the box, that's why this show is so popular.
Hello, hello & hello!! You out there? Ready for another incredible trip? Come with us as we continue to search for great worldly music, hip-hop music from around the globe. Crazy Dj BAzarro on the mix!! Damn right, flying out on a Sunday aka the new fun day right here on BtrToday.
Yoooo!!! Super Bowl Sunday!! World HipHOp all in one day.. Krazy, yeah I mean Crazy. Dope joints for your dome while you get prepared to watch the game..Enjoy, Enjoy this super dope mix to get you hyped up..Sometimes it don't matter who wins it's the experience of being around people you enjoy being around!!
Peace party people, another dope mix by me of course, lol. Nah for real, back on the travel path around the world for some more world-hiphop. I got Pezet from Poland, yeah dope joints, check that out. Even a mini-tribute to Dj Honda from Japan. He has worked with tons of US artists throughout the years. Like I said a while back, hiphop has brought a lot of artists from around the world together. Just that knack for great music and wanting to work with your peers from far away. Started in NY to worldwide recognition. So um yeah we doing this mix also via-satellite out of Tampa. I will be rocking @ ODS, Crowbar in Ybor city tonight with Mr. Walt, come out. I was in Philadephia this past Thursday & Friday. Can u keep up? Let's go