Electric Eels. High Highs. White Birds. Conveyor. Dive. Frankie Rose. Night Manager. GSSTOAK. Zorch. Lake Radio. Nicolas Jaar. Purity Ring. And more…
Heartbreak with Moonface, a three pack from M. Ward, and music for your mouth are all on Monday’s mix with DJ Wynn
Dive. jj. Pheo. Al Lover. Tim Fite. Acid Glasses. White Birds. Mind Spiders. Javelin. CFCF. Zorch. Real Estate. The Antlers. Raymond Scott. And so much more…
A conversation with Jake, co-host of SimuNation on BTR, about music in 2012 and why people are no longer entirely human, in the computer age
Latola made a remix of about 30 different songs whilst sick last week. That remix, and how it came to be, is the focus of the Den today. That, and some of the best songs from the first quarter of 2012.
SpaceGhostPurrp. Lil B. Ava Luna. John Talabot. Dom Bird. Expwy. Growlers. Steve Hauschildt. Black Gum. Misfits. White Birds. Dive. Beach House. And more…