It's time for the Holidays on BTR's Roadside Assistance, presented by United Airlines! Listen as 8 different BTR DJs present 8 different interpretations on what kind of soundtrack goes best with snow, sleighs, family and winter festivities. Take it with ye wherever ye are bound!
We have a very, very cool new thing on BTR called BTR Found Sound on Sound Cloud. Check out the show if you want to hear more about (trust me, you do)! Also new on today's show, tracks from Grizzly Bear, The Black Hollies, and an amazing tune from the 10 Year Anniversary Reissue of Songs: Ohia's The Magnolia Electric Co. And, as always, don't forget to check us out on Facebook and Twitter!
On this edition of God Bless Weirdmerica, we play new (weird) tunes from Of Montreal and Man Man! Plus, we revisit old favorites like Joanna Newsom and Dirty Projectors. If you have a CMJ music hangover, this is the place for you to be! With all this weirdness, your palate will definitely be cleansed! And as always, don't forget to tune into BTR on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.
It's Orange is the New Black Week on BTR! On today's show, we're on the phone with Madeleine George, former site director at the Bayview Educational Facility for the Bard Prison Initiative, which works to help inmates earn a degree from Bard College while behind bars. Later, author Victoria Law talks about the challenges female inmates face that their male counterparts don't. And after the promotional air raid, we feature an interview with Sasha Abramsky, author of the new book "The American Way of Poverty".
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Since we’re headed towards the 4th of July Hanabi and I thought we’d share our plans for the holiday as well as some our nostalgic memories from holidays past. Basically, Hanabi is a communist as he’s not really doing anything this year, at least nothing exciting. Yours truly on the other hand is going fullon Argentine BBQ for this ID4. We’re building a Parrilla in my back yard to fully execute my vision.
It's Transparency Week on BTR! On today's show, we speak with Jim Garrison, head of Garrison Architects, whose Brooklyn firm installed new beach facilities for New York City's coastlines. And later, Hudai Yavalar is the founder of the Ataturk Society of America, an independent non-profit based in Washington, DC. In his interview with BTR's Tanya Silverman, Mr. Yavalar discusses the Turkish government's response to the ongoing protest movements in the country.
DJ Wynn celebrates 'Slow' Week at BTR with a down-tempo mix featuring Bonnaroo artists such as Beach House, Grizzly Bear, Matthew E. White and Amadou & Mariam.
This week we chatted up my fellow Minnesotan Anitgoni Sander McCloud. She’s restaurateur and budding television personality. Antigoni brings the wonders of Greek cuisine to Minneapolis as the owner of Kafe 421. She’s also a regular on Twin Cities Live as an on air recipe consultant. We didn’t get to talk about Adrian Peterson being a beast for the Vikings again this season, but we did get to chat about one of the coolest cities you’ve probably made the mistake of dismissing. Dude, Prince is from there! What more do you need? Also, be sure to check out the Dish + Drink blog for Insane Dane’s latest summer recipe.
Time for the ladies to take the floor!
Happy girls week! We’re dropping an all ladies of music kind of show this week. Also, we’re introducing an on-going collaboration with BTR hype man, DJ Dane or as we like to call him Insane Dane! Dane will be repping the New York area for Eatopia and contributing mightily to the show by taking us California hayseeds on a weekly foodie tour of the NYC area. Everyone Welcome Dane to Eatopia!
One of my favorite topics, snickerdoodles, was discussed. Nuff said! Seriously though a show about cookies is just awesome. It's all down hill from here peeps.
It's Saturday on BTR, and boy do we have a good crop of music for you today! We've got lots of new tunes from bands like Bleaches and Generationals, plus, we're reviewing some old favorite like Antony & the Johnson and Real Estate. AND if you have a Tumblr or Pinterest you're in luck, because we just added those share buttons to the bottom of the BTR page. So enjoy some tunes and check it out!
It's time we talked about my new obsession, overnight oatmeal. It's seriously the best thing ever. My lady doesn't make much in the way of food in our house. I keep our (my) kitchen on lockdown. But she's been crushing it at making overnight oatmeal. I would let her use one of my Shun knives to open a can if she would make it for me again. Anyway, never has oats, chia seeds, greek yogurt, honey, fruit and skim milk mixed in a mason jar tasted so good. Check out some great overnight oatmeal recipes at The Yummy Life. We also talked about how shrimp and grits is getting super popular at Yankee brunch spots. Grits, they’re not just for Alabamians anymore!
It's Weird Wednesday on BTR! We've got new weird tunes this week from Fol Chen, Dump, Amatorski, and Herbcraft. Plus, old favorites like Joan of Arc and Dent May will grace your ear drums with the ultimate weirdness. Don't forget to check out BTR on Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest weird updates!!
Today, I talk about how I moved from one Brooklyn apartment to another over the weekend. Also, a whole lot of songs about moving and danger.
It's Spring Break on BTR's Roadside Assistance, presented by United Airlines! Listen as 8 different BTR DJs present 8 different interpretations on what kind of soundtrack goes best with beaches, debauchery and dehydration! Take it with ye wherever ye are bound!
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February 7! Dig it.
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR
The Folk Wave returns with exclusive live studio tracks and selections from Folkland.
It's the Rock Show, with DJ Patrick K! What does the "K" stand for? I'll never tell! (It's "Konfidential!!")
The 17th day of January. 2013.
Wow, what a year! 2013 means that your cooking show is growing up. We’ve changed the name to Eatopia, and we’re looking to discuss more food adventures from all over with the help of some great guest DJs and their friends in the world of eats. In this edition Hanabi visits Seattle and Portland and regales us with his adventures.