Even moooooore Best of the Year 2012! Brought to you by the Rock Show and Urban Outfitters! It's only on BTR! I'm so excited!!
On today's program, hear music from Lille, O'Death, The Watson Twins, and more!
It's the second to last Saturday in 2012! And the Saturday before the holidays! That means we're going extra hard on the show today- we're doing our first half of all the best tracks from the year! So stay tuned for some awesome Japandroids, Veronica Falls, and King Tuff! And don't forget to check out BTR on Facebook and Twitter!
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR
As an extra-special start to all my year-end festivities, I present to you, my loyal Overnight Sensation listener: My best set of the year, 2012! Enjoy!!
HEY, PUNY ROCK SHOW FANS! Are you ready for the most XXX-TREME, XXX-TRA long Rock Show set of your dumb, insignificant life? WELL?! Speak up, dammit!
12/06/12. Lottie@btrtoday.com
DJ Emily's got your Tuesday mix on BTR!
DJ Wynn is using his 5 Mondays in December to share 10 albums that will remind him of 2012. Two albums a Monday, and included in the mixes will be standout singles that share the same tone. This week, Grizzly Bear's 'Shields', and Dan Deacon's 'America'
And what a Thanksgiving it was? If you’re like us, we had way too much food (a good problem to have) and a short window to kill all the leftovers so it doesn’t go to rot. Then there is the boredom associated with eating stale turkey eight days in a row (they call this a first world problem). Fortunately, for you we’re here to help. This week’s show will show you how to use those leftovers more creatively.
Today's episodes includes music from Olafur Arnalds, Ganglians, Levek, and more!
Last Thursday in November. Next to last day of the next to last month of 2012. Lottie@btrtoday.com
Today on the show we play a few tracks from the very God Bless Weirdmerica-esque feature film, The Comedy. Plus, we start off the show with a track from Dustin Wong, Baltimore's king of fancy guitar work. Don't forget to check out BTR on Twitter and Facebook for all of the latest updates!
DJ Wynn explains why he doesn't like Christmas music, but still plays holiday tunes from Sufjan Stevens and new music from Action Bronson, Clinic, and Rubblebucket
For the post Thanksgiving festivities we thought it might be best to do something that.... wait, what post Thanksgiving festivities? Oh, so you mean this show doesn't really correspond with anything and we're essentially just putting out an awesome show that stands on it's merits? Yes. That's what we did.
Today we have two brand new tracks from local Brooklyn bands on the show: The Babies and Widowspeak. Alligator has those chord changes that tug on your heartstrings, and Ballad of the Golden Hour conjures up a slick, gorgeous atmosphere. They're the perfect songs for your Thanksgiving turkey hangover. And make sure to follow BTR on Facebook and Twitter.
Tuesday with DJ Emily is ready to go on BTR!
Latola talks with Jake from Simunation about Halo 4 (over 3.8 million bought a copy last week)
The Top 10 Artists and Albums on BTR!
Mission district taco episode!
This week, I'm joined by the multi-talented, multicultural designer Nina Egli, creator of not one, but *two* great lines, Toujours Toi and Family Affairs. Nina started Toujours Toi in 2002 - 2003, as a charm bracelet side project for extra cash. It quickly took center stage, and her quirky, elegant combinations of charms, cast metal, sequins, and crystals captivate the imaginations of women everywhere. In 2008, Nina and her mother, Kaya, also a designer, began to work together on a line of women's clothing. Not surprisingly, their Swiss/New York cross-continental label, appropriately called Family Affairs, took off just as quickly as Nina's jewelry. Their collections are full of whimsical prints, paired with classic, vintage-inspired cuts for a look that's full of elegance and magic. On today's show, Nina will talk about how she began Toujours Toi, the stories and cinema that inspire her, and some brand new Family Affairs projects for the coming collections. Plus, music from Sufjan's Christmas epic, a Jonti re-do, and Toro Y Moi's new single - all that and more in this hour of fashion, so tune in as we keep fashion in the family on BTR!
Last week it was all about maximalism... This week it's a more minimalist, like a coffee shoppe kinda vibe. Let me know what you think, post a comment. Let me know! Thanks, Bye!
Hello Seattle! I so love seattle. I've never been anywhere in the U.S. where I seem to scream “hey, I'm totally fresh off the California boat” as much as Seattle. I suppose the douche-y Mustang convertible I rented (don't ask) wasn't helping the matter.
Good times this Tuesday with DJ Emily!
It's Poll Week on BTR! Featured guests on today's episode of Third Eye Weekly include co-founder and Executive Vice President of Edison Research, Joe Lenski. According to its website, Edison Research has provided major news organizations, including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN and The Associated Press, with exit poll information since 2003. Today, Mr. Lenski talks about the upcoming presidential elections and the exit polling Edison Research is working on in Georgia. And later, Doug Schwartz, director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, joins us to discuss polling methodology. Plus, he updates us on the surveys Quinnipiac has been conducting as of late!
Your all-female music mix on BTR!
Your Tuesday mix on BTR!
It's Meat and Vegetarian Week on BTR! On today's episode of Third Eye, we look at the recent report from the Stockholm International Water Institute warning that impending water shortages could force the world's population to adopt vegetarian diets. Later, a candid conversation with vegan cookbook author, Terry Hope Romano. BTR Managing Editor Margaret Jacobi talks about Romero's long history in cooking, DIY culture, and not letting her meat-eating friends feel guilt-tripped by her presence.
We have a delightfully weird Weirdmerica for you today!! We've got weird music from Bell Orchestre, Dan Deacon, and Dirty Projectors. Not to mention Deerhoof and Animal Collective! It's great living in a country with so much weird music! And make sure to tune in to all the other great programming we have for you on BTR today!
DJ Thompson guest stars on today's very special episode of The Rock Show.
I would like to get serious for a moment if I may. Drop the house lights for a minute if I may. I want to talk about the most epic Ramen shop in the whole country. It's a little Japanese import called Men Oh and they are Killing it! Their Tokushima style ramen ever. I'm thinking most peeps outside of Tokushima aren't in the know. Seriously though, the perfectly flavored and textured Tonkatsu broth, the ridiculously toothsome broth and the sliced pork belly pretty much seals the deal. With the addition of the raw egg you're over-achieving, in a good way. Yeah, this show is dedicated to Ramen and the joy it brings me.
Today's broadcast includes music from Levek, Dirty Projectors, Jesca Hoop, Field Report, Ombre and more!
Watch for Falling Rock... Oh wait, nevermind dudes, this is OVERNIGHT SENSATION! I should be saying, "Watch for Falling Stars!"
Have you ever even been to Downtown & Brooklyn? If not, you're surely missing out... suckers.
Your Top 10 artists on BTR this week!
New music from Cat Power (including a even better remix from Nicolas Jaar), Kool A.D., Lawrence Arabia, and Dirty Projectors
What's Good Ya'll... It's Friday, NEw episode of The Rock Show ../. LET'/S GO!
DJ Emily's got your Tuesday mix on BreakThru Radio!
Counting down your Top 10 artist on BTR!
Today's broadcast of the Folk Wave kicks off with music from Seattle's Damien Jurado.
August 9th is here. Phew. Lottie@btrtoday.com
Counting down this week's Top 10 Artists on BTR!
The first Thursday show of August! Woo! Lottie@btrtoday.com
Tons of new music packed into this 90-minute mix on BTR!
Your Top 10 Countdown on BreakThru Radio!
Today's show is dedicated to the memory of Ugonna Igweatu
Today's show kicks off with a brand new track from Lawrence Arabia!
This Saturday's show is a really great one. We're still scoping out the Dirty Projectors new album, plus some new favorites from Wild Flag, Conveyor, and Frank Ocean, who is one seriously interesting/awesome dude. And don't worry, we've got a run of old favorites, too, like The Antlers, Bon Iver, and Cass McCombs. And don't forget to follow BTR on Facebook and Twitter.
Put on your dancing shoes!
Where are all these crazy rockin' sounds even coming from? I'm not sure but I'm Lovin' It!
It's a BBQ party on BTR's Roadside Assistance, presented by United Airlines! Listen as 8 different BTR DJs present 8 different interpretations on what kind of soundtrack goes best with carcinogen-enhanced foodstuffs! Take it with ye wherever ye are bound!
Music! Lottie@btrtoday.com
This show we've got the reigning King and Queens of weird, new, and American music with brand new Dirty Projectors. These guys are true genre-innovators, which is really what God Bless Weirdmerica is all about. We've also got new Deathface and Deadly Syndrome. And make sure to follow BTR on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.
Your Tuesday mix with DJ Emily!
BTR Top 10!
KING TUFF! Ever heard of it?! Probably not... Well, we've got it, only on BTR!
7/19/2012. Lottie@btrtoday.com
Your Tuesday mix is ready to go! Get ready for 90-minutes of music with DJ Emily!
BTR's Top 10!
Where are we going on today's Downtown and Brooklyn? I thought we'd start Downtown, then head to Brooklyn...
Sunday's With DJ Drew here on BTR
Welcome to a reboot of the venerable Cooking Show. We intend to take you on a journey of all things food. We wanted to start things off by getting straight up weird. So, we visited with crocheted food maven and author, Twinke Chan of twinkiechan.com to discuss her strange proclivity for eating “Yucky Stuff” and her blog Ieatyuckystuff.com
Do you love the new Dirty Projectors? Do you hate it? Probably you don't if you're listening to BTR, but either way I'm playing two of their new tracks on the show today! And that's not even the most exciting thing! We've got a track from Jay Reatard's old old band, Lost Sounds, and some brand new Hot Panda coming you way. And don't forget to follow BTR on Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest updates!
TGIF! And we all know what that means... Thank God for Indie Fashion! Today's show features a guest who provides an incredible service to socially & environmentally conscious fashionistas: Kate McGregor, owner and operator of the New York City eco-boutique, Kaight. In her store, Kate has made the work easy for us by offering a personally assembled collection of responsible labels, and sustainability-focused designers. Not only can New York residents take advantage of this gem, but Kaight has a webshop, too, making it ridiculously easy to be responsibly stylish. On today's show, Kate will talk about the concerns that led her to open Kaight, the criteria she uses to choose designers and labels, some of the changes she's seen in sustainable design since opening her doors, and one of the biggest challenges she's faced as a small business owner. All that, plus a playlist absolutely chock-full of great new music and releases, including tracks from ASPE, Dirty Projectors, Hot Panda, and BTR's Discovery Artist of the Week, Cardigan Strike Attack. Indie rock + sustainable summer dresses. Could you have a better Friday? #Probablynot
Too many hits! It's hard to believe...
Aesop Rock. Das Racist. Cerulean. Haleek Maul. Conveyor. Echo Lake. ASPE. White Birds. Night Panther. Peaking Lights. Dirty Projectors. Dustin Wong. And more...
00:00 Mic Break 05:47 Stonehenge - Total Control 07:42 Banana Question - Royal Trux 11:26 Ear Pressed to the Door - Kevin Boyer 14:19 Dancing Mood - Nathaniel Mayer 17:22 You're Sleeping - Tiger Trap 19:47 Could I - The Softies 21:57 I Don't Really Love You Anymore - Magnetic Fields 24:26 Mic Break 30:35 Beautiful Son - Peaking Lights 37:04 Make Me Dream - Flying Saucer Attack 44:28 Stone - Alastair Galbraith 47:28 Like Fake Blood in Crisp October - Dirty Projectors 50:00 Itzcuintli-Totzli Days - Mountain Goats 51:24 Spook - Galaxie 500 55:56 The Dream - Fox 59:23 Mic Break 67:03 Klai Kluea Kin Dang - Suraphon Sombatcharoen 70:00 Finish Peaking Lights Jul 27 2012 - Disjecta - Portland, OR Aug 03 2012 - Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA Mountain Goats Magnetic Fields
Latola talks about this week's Discovery Artist, Cardigan Strike Attack, the "Happy Birthday" song, the new Dirty Projectors record, the new ASPE album and the new Echo Lake album
Just the hits on this week's Overnight Sensation! Only hits for me please, I'm on a diet! Thanks.
Today's broadcast features brand new music from New Beard and Tall Trees, along with an interview and live performance from JBM!
Pheo. Dirty Projectors. Alligator Indian. Gypsum. Effacer. Open Mike Eagle. TV Girl. Little Chords. Hudson Mohawke. Swayze. Gotye. Ava Luna. Y more...
What's the best day of the week?  Uh, Saturday!!  Not just because it's the weekend and most fun day out of the whole week, but because you've got such great tunes here on BTR!  Make sure to check out all of our other programming and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
It's Spring Break on BTR's Roadside Assistance, presented by United Airlines! 8 different BTR DJs are representing 8 different interpretations on what kind of soundtrack goes best with beaches, breaks and blundering feet. Take it with ye wherever ye are bound!It's Spring Break on BTR's Roadside Assistance, presented by Continental Airlines!
Spring is finally here!  At least that's what it feels like in New York!  With several over-70 degree days this week, I had to keep it super upbeat today.  We've got springy tracks from the likes of Harlem Shakes, Free Energy, and Eli 'Paperboy' Reed.  Make sure to check out BTR on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates!
Ameri-Canadian troubadour Melissa McClelland kicks off this St. Patrick's Day Folk Wave!
It's Spring Break on BTR's Roadside Assistance, presented by Continental Airlines! 8 different BTR DJs are representing 8 different interpretations on what kind of soundtrack goes best with beaches, breaks and blundering feet. Take it with ye wherever ye are bound!
A night out with Philip Glass at Carnegie Hall and new tracks from Frankie Rose's new album, Interstellar
Today's show includes brand new music from Shearwater's album "Animal Joy" out February 14!
Today on the show we're playing some new "old favorites."  Remember 2009 when Bitte Orca, Veckatemist, and Merriweather Post Pavilion all came out, one right after the other?  I'm not sure there's been another moment quite like that in the three years since then.  That's been on my mind lately, so we're playing these new old giants on the show today- but from different albums, of course!  Who do you think we are, mainstream radio?  Psh.