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**Encore broadcast, originally aired on 4/22/11** Ever wondered what the world would be like without clothes? This week on Sew & Tell, in honor of BTR's Vice Week, we talk with a photographer who investigated that question on the streets of New York City. After shooting fashion week coverage one year, Erica Simone got thinking about the industry's obsession with image and appearance. This eventually translated into Nue York a project of self-portraits she did in common, everyday New York situations... totally nude. On today's show, Erica answers a few of the billion questions that come to mind when you see her images ("What was it like??") and discusses the questions she aims to address with this work. Plus, we've got another great track off The Kills' latest album this week, as well as music from Sweet Soubrette, Bell X1, Iron & Wine, and a gorgeous, symphonic piece from The War On Drugs. Stick around for some soul-searching here on BreakThru Radio...
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