On this week's show, we explore the concept of "shopping without spending," with Sari Azout and Sari Bibliowicz, the two co-founders of a trendy new swapping site, Bib + Tuck. In our conversation, Sari A. and Sari B. talk about how their friendship and shared love for fashion led to this pioneering project, the nuts and bolts of how Bib + Tuck functions as a swap site, what makes Bib + Tuck a unique clothes-share resource, and a few of their own memorable bibs (gives) and tucks (takes). Plus, a playlist chock-full of awesome music, including new tunes from Gauntlet Hair, Pure Bathing Culture, Travis Bretzer and Grant Hart, as well as some not-new (but still beautiful) tracks from Loney Dear and Denison Witmer. All that's coming your way this hour, so stay tuned to Sew & Tell on BTR!